Sophia's Birth Story | Personal

I really have no clue where to begin with this one. First though I normally do not photograph things like this but let me tell you, this experience was nothing like Ive ever felt or would have imagined. There is something truly beautiful about new life coming into this world. Such an innocent sweet soul who knows nothing about how crazy and broken this world is. The joy this new life brings to all of us in this world, it doesn't matter how bad things can be going in life, this joy just shines right through all of that. 

I will say there were no words in that hospital room watching one of my best friends go through one of the toughest parts of being a mom. She was strong and brave and extremely tough. The whole time the labor was rather quick, I got the call at 9pm saying she was in labor and at 7cm. I drove to Virginia Beach in literately two hours and made it just within 5 minutes of her being 10cm and ready to push. At 1:25 am Sophia made her debut into this world, the room was quiet besides the Dr and Nurses working. A couple minutes later we heard that cry, and man was it the best feeling in the entire world. When I said I saw God that day, I meant it. Sophia is the most precious gift from God and she has blessed Jen and Alex so much! 

I cannot wait to watch this sweet little girl grow up and be the amazing woman she is supposed to be in this crazy world. I love her so much & Jen and Alex I am so so proud of the both of you for being so strong and you two are going to be some pretty amazing parents. Love you three!!!!