We're Hiring!!! | Education

Well the time has come :) We are now on the search for our new 2016 Intern!!! Woohoo!! Last year I had three amazing interns but this year I plan on doing something a little different. Since I am taking on less weddings this year due to school, our move and just needing more personal time I am looking to bring on just one intern that I can pour my heart and soul into. I found that last year juggling three awesome ladies made it a bit more difficult for me to actually spend time outside of the wedding days teaching them things. 

My goal for the 2016 intern is to spend a one on one every month outside of wedding days to really go over business, editing and much more. This will be a paid internship but pay will be based upon experience and amount and type of equipment you have. I don't expect you to be available for every wedding that I have but we will work it out. :) 

Here is just a few things I am looking for in a intern: 

#1 You must be passionate about marriage and love. As most of you may know by looking around my website I am extremely passionate about marriage and not just the fancy wedding day. I want my couples to have a beautiful marriage and I am not only here as their photographer but also to encourage their marriage. I believe that marriage is one of the most beautiful relationships we have here on earth.

#2 You must be willing and ready to learn. This one is huge for me because when I first started out 4 years ago I did everything I could to learn. I paid for education, assisted and 2nd shot for free. I was hungry for knowledge and doing all that hardwork I believe paid off for me in the end. I now travel all over documenting love stories, I get to stay at home and work in my PJ's and go to school full-time and better my education. So I'm looking for someone who is ready, hungry and wanting to learn.  

#3 Must have a sense of humor and be outgoing. I am a extrovert/introvert but I am more an extrovert. I need someone who can crack a good joke or laugh at one. I need someone who is outgoing and will think outside of the box and isn't afraid to walk up to a stranger and say HI! I like to have fun! & I need an intern who is just as adventurous as I am. 

Think you can make the cut? :) I'm just kidding I'm super laid back and I would love to get to know you better. If your interested in applying for the 2016 Intern position shoot me a quick email and I will get you the application. 


I cannot wait to hear from you!!!