Finding the right holiday card | International Wedding Photographer, Brandilynn Aines

Hey there!!! I am sharing Deane and I holiday cards from MINTED!!! This was my first order from minted and I must say I am very impressed by their customer service, quality and quickness. I didn't plan on sending out cards this year just with Deane being gone, but then an offer came I couldn't resist so I did. 

I chose the Joyful foil pressed card designed by Erin Deegan, it comes in a wide variety of colors. I chose the pink, while I am not normally a pink kinda gal it worked perfectly with our latest anniversary photos by Norman Photo & Paperie. <3 

I think what I loved most about minted was:

  1. The fact that you can pre-address all your holiday cards
  2. The envelopes can match your card set
  3. They have the cutest envelope liners
  4. They deliver really quickly!!!! 

All I had to do when they arrived was, line the envelopes, place the cards in, seal it up and drop in the mail box with a stamp. Super easy and I cannot wait for our friends and family to get them in the mail. 

Are you already a BAP couple and would like to get some awesome cards to show off your images? Visit my storefront at Minted and shoot me a quick email, I can pre-upload your images so that way all you have to do is play design and create your own cards. Check out our awesome cards below!!