The hidden gem of a lens, Canon 135 L f/2 | Education

Good morning everyone! This blog will be the kick off for many other educational posts to come, and I am finally excited to be sharing one of my favorite lenses that I almost forgot about. So today I want to share a little insight about this hidden gem of a lens that sat in my bag for a while until a recent wedding. The Canon 135L F/2, this little beauty runs about 1k brand new and I'll tell you what as a prime girl this is now one of my go to lenses for weddings and not just ceremonies. 

Below is a portrait that was taken with the 135 with aperture at F/2, shutter speed at 1/250 and ISO 400. This is one of my favorite portraits with this lens, I used to use my 100 Macro L for portraits until this baby came along. What I love about this lens is the sharpness, it's a prime (I am a prime lens junkie) and the bokeh, holy moly the bokeh is amazing!!!! If your a prime shooter or heck even anyone, you should get this lens!! I promise it won't let you down. 

&& by the way isn't Morgan just stunning?!?! Her and Alex's Boat House wedding will be debuting the blog very soon! 

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