What's in my bag? | education, Hampton Roads Wedding Photographer, Brandilynn Aines

Today marks another educational post about what I cary in my bag. I am primarily a wedding and couples portrait photographer, I occasionally will document other types of shoots but not normally. So what do I have in my bag on a typical wedding day?

First up are my two work horses of camera bodies. I have a Canon Mark III and a Canon 6D, both are full frame and both have different capabilities. From the Mark III having a crazy amount of focus points down to the 6D handling low light like a boss. I primarily will document all portraits and details with the Mark III, but I tend to use my 6D more during low lit receptions due to it's low light focusing capabilities. Both cameras have ISO capabilities reaching well over 12,000 but I have noticed that the Mark III tends to focus a bit slower in low lighting than the 6D. 

Next are my lenses, I have 2 L series Canon lenses and then I have 1 Sigma Art lens. I love them all!! So let's list them out, my go to lens that stays on my Mark III pretty much all day is the 50L F/1.2. This lens is a freaken work horse, I use to have the Canon 1.4 and I never touched it because the sharpness SUCKED, I didn't get that crisp but gorgeous creaminess all at the same time with that lens. My next go to lens is the Sigma 35 1.4 Art, gah I love that little thing. It's cheap + it's truly an amazing sharp lens. I had the Canon version but I sold it because I found the sigma version was way sharper. I use this lens for family portraits to bride and groom all the way to the reception. This is another lens that stays on my camera pretty much through out the entire, day. Of course I have already talked about how much I love the 135L, this is my go to for portraits and ceremony shots where I cannot get close. I even use it sometimes with toast pictures so I don't have to be so close and in guests way. 

Lighting, I have two Canon 600 EX-RT's. These two little flashes give me all the power I need to light up the dance floor. I am capable of doing OCF with the built in triggers in the 600's but I don't always use OCF unless it's truly poor lighting. OCF just isn't truly my style for photographs, I prefer to just have on camera flash and then use a diffuser or do bounce flash. This also allows me to create cool reception photos doing a light drag. (I will talk more about this in another blog post). Those are fun reception shots that can create cool party type images and it takes just 2 seconds with a flash that I couldn't achieve real well with OCF. 

I also have a fun lens in my bag called the Lens Baby Composer, I use the edge 80 with the Lens Baby. This allows for more of the tilt shift effect or can give people the ability to look miniature in certain frame set-ups. I will dedicate an entire post more about that in the future. That's pretty much a wrap on the actual gear I have in my bag on a wedding day. I will share another post in the future about all the extra stuff I bring on a wedding day that isn't gear related. :) 

Here's a little recap of the equipment list:

Canon 5D Mark III

Canon 6D

Canon 50 F/1.2 L

Canon 135 F/2 L

Sigma 35 F/1.4 Art

Two Canon 600 EX-RT's

Lens Baby Composer with Edge 80

All kept in a Ona Roller Bag :)