Smoke Bomb Engagements, Alana + Jasmine

Oh where do I even begin with these two! Let's just say Jasmine + Alana are freaken awesome and I am so glad to know them. Jasmine contacted me back in the late winter/early spring about their October wedding. Of course I was stoked because it's October (best month of the year) and they seemed so freaken cool. Well when I finally got to meet them in person a couple of weeks ago they confirmed how awesome they are. So much love and laughter with these two. So I had the idea of a smoke bomb shoot, colorful, fun and just something different. So I brought that up to them and they were down, well they killed it! We shot these at Red Rock Overlook in Leesburg, VA and it was the perfect spot for it. With the crazy bare exposed old stone walls down to having the woodsy trails. 

Jasmine + Alana you two rock and I cannot wait for your wedding day, it's going to be absolutely amazing and I just know you both are going to make two stunning brides. I am so happy to know you both and I cannot wait to be there to document the beginning of your story!