I screwed UP.

I know the title of this post seems a little dramatic, but let’s get serious for a minute. It’s true. We all have made serious F* ups in our lifetime. I am breaking the taboo of tucking those F* ups away in a corner somewhere. I am spilling them out. Why? Because people need to know that there is another human out there going through the same shit, they go through every day. You’re not alone in your struggles. I PROMISE. 

Honesty Hour at its finest….

F* up number one. I have not been the best business owner these last few months. I am tired and just flat out worn down. There have been some major life changes for me these last few months. I felt I just needed some time to decompress from all the stresses. I know that is not an excuse for my lack of communication, lack of caring and just lack of dedication to my little business. I feel horrible for letting this small business continue just to slide on through. It makes me sad that I haven’t wanted to devote my attention to it. 

**To my couples I am sorry I am not there 100% when you need me, I regret that I have let this little business slip. I am forever grateful for the opportunity that you all have given me. I wouldn’t be where I am today without your trust and support. Again I am so sorry if I ever made you doubt me and this little business. I cannot wait to move forward in this slower season of business and focus on my core. Get back to the meaning of it all. & that’s LOVE. 

F* up number two. I haven’t been the best friend or best daughter lately. I am never available to my friends when they need me. I run myself on such a full schedule that I never make time for the things that matter most. Family and Friends. I use work and school as an excuse not to hang or be available to do things. I lash out with attitudes when family members drive me nuts. BUT again GRACE always wins. 

**To my family and friends. I am so sorry that you have had to deal with my moodiness and my absence on more than one occasion. I regret the fact that I never make time for you. BUT I am so thankful that you all have still supported me through all life’s demands these last few months. I cannot wait to redirect some things in life so that I can make more time for the ones I love. 

F* up number three. My health. I don’t care to work out; I don’t care to eat healthily. Honestly, I would be totally fine just binge-watching Netflix with a tub of ice cream. BUT in reality, my health should be my number one concern. How can I be there for my friends and family if I am not healthy, how can I be there for my couples wedding days if I am not healthy. 

**To little ole me. I am so sorry that I have put your health on the backburner while other tasks were completed. I regret that I never make time for working out anymore or eating right. I am sorry that I make every excuse in the book just not to get off the couch sometimes. BUT thank you for not failing me yet, thank you for giving me some motivation to sign up for that gym membership, eat a healthy lunch and make some Dr.’s appointments to keep up with my health. I am excited to start this new journey of running and working out; I know these ½ marathons and 5k’s are going to kill me, but it will feel good to have committed and completed. 

&& thank you to those who read this. This is very vulnerable for me just to come out and speak up about my screw ups. I know we all have them, but I know it’s treacherous waters to talk about them. Especially when it’s published for EVERYONE known to man to read about it. I hope that I have been able to help someone overcome their fears of screwing up. It’s okay. I PROMISE. No one is going to hate you or stop coming to your business. After all, we are all HUMAN.