2017 Goal Digging | Hampton Roads Virginia Wedding Photographer, Brandilynn Aines

It's 2017 y'all and it's been a while since I've blogged. Between Fall semester at a new school, wedding season and my trip to Bali, I've been running a bit behind on just life in general. I want to share some goals that I have for this year in business but also in my personal life. 2017 is going to be a big year between graduating with my Bachelor's in English and hopefully knocking off some top ticket goal items this year! 

The Biz Goals

Blog weekly. I want to share more of my awesome couples on this blog as well as more tips for some of my fellow creatives. I am not going to set a number per week but I am going to at least blog once a week. I need someone to hold me accountable for this haha. So if your in the market to be that badass friend who tells me to quit being lazy and to get to writing. Heck shoot me that email NOW!!! 

Start my webinars back up. I want to offer 3-5 webinars again this year. They will be free!! I want to focus on education in business, moving your business, finding your niche, branding and so much more. 

Work more on personal work. I love my couples with all my heart but I need to get back to me and finding my inspiration. Soo more personal work is a must! If your a musician or a lifestyle model hit me up, because I'm looking to collab. 

Schedule. Schedule. Schedule. I need to get on a better work flow. Now that I am in a place I will be living at for a while I can get my flow back. I want to be able to up my turn around time for weddings and portraits. I will be spending this year working on that. <3

Now for the personal goals. :)

Be more present. I want to be present in life with friends and family and be less on social media and behind my computer screen. I love my job but it's so hard to turn it off at night or when your out with friends and family because it's connected to every device I own.

Take 3 personal weeks a year. They don't have to be vacations but I want to take a total of 3 weeks per year where I am not doing anything business related. I would like to spread them out through the year so it's not like a one lump time.

Write more personal work. I love writing and heck it is what I am studying. I would love to have more time to just write and journal. I feel this will help my sanity. lol

What are some of your crazy big dreams for 2017?!?!?!?