My life is fueled by wild adventures and “you just had to be there” stories. I don’t like wasting seconds. I want to be up with the sun. I think marriage is the sweetest and richest thing you can walk into. My whole career rests on the belief that everything starts after “I do.”

I’m the biggest fan of marriage. You should know that first. To me, the wedding is just step one.  It’s like the prologue of a good book. Everything that follows that big and beautiful day? That’s marriage. That’s what you are walking into. It will be sweet and crazy, momentous and hard-- sometimes all at once. It will be a hell of a ride but you’ll be a team. You’ll get to do life with your best friend. You’ll be the lucky ones.

An international wedding photographer and educator, I love photographing couples who can’t take their eyes off one another. My couples are known to be dreamers, movers, shakers and go-getters. They love adventure. They dig the sleepless nights. They squeeze this life fiercely. They do it all on purpose.

If that’s you then we should really talk. We should meet and become friends. We shouldn’t just keep this thing formal and stiff, we should build a relationship and have the best time together.

I don’t know you yet but I know how much this day already matters. Photographing a wedding is a huge deal. It only happens once. It’s a million little moments that are quick-- they’re easy to miss-- but I’m ready to make a bold promise now:

I’ll do whatever it takes to make you feel at ease. I won’t miss a beat of your love story.

I’ll cheer for you louder than you can even imagine.

These photos will be real. They will forever be a reminder to the world of why two people had no choice but to get married-- they could not live without one another and everyone in the room could clearly see it.