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July 9, 2018

It’s Monday folks and we have a new blog series coming straight to ya! Okay, so Bear is officially 10 months. Almost a freaken year old. WTH!! I have decided to come to ya with a new blog series called “Mommin Monday’s.” This series basically will consist of all things mom life, boss mom life, and keeping your sanity as a mom. Now of, course, I am no expert. I only have one kid and there are way more qualified parents for this series, but I do know that I have a ton of real-life stuff that I want to share. You see being a mom is seriously the best job ever. It is the greatest gift in the entire world, BUT sometimes it is can also be a pain in the ass. I want to share those pain in the ass moments mixed with the sweet-savory cuddle kinds of moments. Think of this as a mom fruit salad. There is always one fruit we kind of wish never made it to that salad but it wouldn’t be a salad without it. lol

Now as I mentioned before there are plenty of other moms who are way more qualified for this type of series. I do plan on having some guests posts maybe once a month. This will help other moms hear thoughts and tricks on motherhood from other moms I know. So if you are a mom email me some of your funny stories and lessons learned to brandi{@}  <3 I’d love to connect and talk mom life! Talking to a kiddo who doesn’t say anything other than dada can be kind of lonely sometimes.

Okay, now that we have the introduction out of the way let’s dive into our first real-life experience.

We had just moved to Arizona and Spencer (aka baby daddy) had been traveling in and out of town for work. We hadn’t even really gotten settled. So I, unfortunately, was living the single mom life for a little bit. I had one friend in AZ (now two) thank goodness. I was in the middle of sleep training Bear. Which was a freaken nightmare for the first three days! I felt so bad for our neighbors who had to listen to him scream, although it was probably worse for me. I just wished I had been able to lock myself in a bathroom with the shower running with an ice cold beer. BUT being here alone I didn’t find that responsible. Adulting at it’s finest. Now don’t get it twisted, Bear is my world. He is my sweet and snuggly little munchkin. BUT there are days where I want to slam my head into a wall because mom life is hard

Now don’t get it twisted, Bear is my world. He is my sweet and snuggly little munchkin. I love him so much!! BUT there are days where I want to slam my head into a wall because mom life is hard y’all. It is really hard. So anyways back to the story, in the middle of sleep training. Now you know that some methods say you shouldn’t go back into the room very much. We did the Ferber method and that worked great for us. It was the time interval one. So we would wait 5 minutes go in and calm him down. Then we would wait for 10. Usually, by 15 minutes he was passed out. BUT there was one time he kept crying, which was super strange for him. So, I decided to go check on him again. Mind you we have a monitor but sometimes it’s hard to actually see what is really going on. I walked in his room and it smelled like shit. I’m telling you gross, smelly poop. I looked in his crib and he had exploded out of his diaper and smeared it all over the dock-a-tot and himself. I just stood there for a moment in disbelief.  Luckily, baby daddy was home for this one. So we plopped him into the bath and got everything all cleaned up in like 15 minutes. There really is no lesson learned here but just more of a funny mom story. Needless to say, he no longer is using his dock-a-tot grand. (Which I am kind of sad about because it was expensive and it also means he’s growing up.) Everything got all washed, I was just too lazy to put it back together and back in his crib. So, we have officially broken him of his dock-a-tot use when we didn’t even intend too!!

So mommas out there I get you. I see you. I understand. Whether you’re home alone with them, SAHM, or a working momma. Kudos to you for keeping your kid/kids alive every day all while keeping yourself alive and sane. <3 Until next time, savor that small glass of wine or ice cold beer after the kiddos are fast asleep in bed!!



Cute pic of Bear <3 Thank you Melissa for this photo of my little babe!!

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